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Hillary Clinton Supporters And The Tale Of The Three Candy Bars

So if you watch CNN or any other news network for that matter and have been paying attention to the Democratic Primaries in any way you’ve probably heard pundits report that alot of Hillary Clinton supporters are saying that they wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama if he were the nominee. So I wanted to come up with a way to explain to those people why they should just chillax for a minute and change their eagerly and overly resentful attitude. I doubt it will have much of an effect but perhaps will give pause.

So you’re in a group of people who combined have just the right amount of money to buy a candy bar and you’ve got a choice between three kinds. There’s the one you really like thats got all the good stuff in it you like. Then there’s the one thats kinda similar to your favorite, a few ingredients are different but the basic formula is still there. Then there’s the one you’re allergic to. You ate one a while back and you had a severe reaction to it. So you vote for the one you really like. But there’s a split decision in the majority of the group between your second favorite that has a few different ingredients and the one you really don’t like. Your favorite candy bar is no longer a choice and you’re foced to recast your vote for the two remaining. One of your friends whom you most recently got into a tiff with is on the side that wants your second favorite and is trying to convince the group to go for that one. They really don’t want that third candy bar. So out of spite you forget your allergic reaction and vote for your least favorite. The group that wanted the bad candy bar won it with your vote and you were stuck with a candy bar that makes you sick.     

So here’s the breakdown. Hillary Clinton is your favorite candy bar. Barack Obama is the candy bar that has a few different ingredients but has the same basic formula. Politically, the two are similar except on a few issues like Health Care and foreign relations. John McCain is the third candy bar that you had an allergic reaction to. The metaphorical allergies of which I speak are the policies of a Republican administration. The last eight years have been a true test of our nation and of its leaders and it appears our leaders have failed our nation. A John McCain candy bar (administration) would no doubt bring on the same allergic reaction you experienced in the past.

The tiff spoken of in this parable that you had with your friend was the Democratic Primary. Its been hard on all of us as Democratic voters to see the candidate we love to be spoken of badly. But thats no reason to go voting for the completely opposite thing that you know is bad when it comes to politics or candy bars.


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  1. Wow… way to be patronizing as all get out. Do you think Hillary voters are five year olds? Seriously… no one has yet won the required number of delegates to win, and mathematically, no one will get that final 2026 without using super delegates. Here’s one measure of our resolve:

    It’s kinda nutty for you to try to end this before it’s really over. Oh, and Barack’s baseball analogy is seriously flawed.

    Comment by Sam | May 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sam, I do indeed think that Hillary voters that say they won’t vote for a Democrat in November are acting like five year olds. I won’t argue the delegate math any longer out of boredom.And I won’t even tell people not to vote for Hillary Clinton. Go ahead if you want to. But the message I hoped to send in this story was DON’T VOTE REPUBLICAN.
    The measure of resolve shown in the video Sam posted is a weak piece of flim flam marketed towards women that suggests the reason this campaign is being drawn on is to damage Obama to the extent that he becomes unelectable so another Clinton term can be carried out in 2012. But if Hillary is indeed given another chance at runnning in 2012, what if she gets into the same situation she’s in now, behind in the count in pledged and super delegates and in significant debt? What then?

    Comment by permacarn | May 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. I agree. Act like 5 year olds, get treated like it.

    Seriously, I’ve been trying my best, via blog commenting, to find out what the “tiff” is against Obama. Enough of a Tiff that people vote for the worse evil. It doesn’t exist.

    Ok, I get some “He’s Fake”, but with nothing to support it.

    I get even more “He’s Racist”, evidenced not by his actions, but by his associations (wife/Wright). And he may even be, though I doubt it. Except that the people who are shouting about his racism are self-proclaimed feminists voting for Gender, not Politics. Yeah….

    Comment by Sphynx | May 22, 2008 | Reply

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