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My Spam Que

In my spam que today there was a comment that said “Not Spam” posted in my “Letter to Ahmadinejad” blog.

I like to think that this was an anonymous secret message sent to me due to a comment I left on a spammers website and a post I created afterwards entitled “My Spam Que.” Perhaps some basement dwelling geek with a slick as grease scheme to use WP as a means to test his deviant blog-content-stealing machine noticed my singular reply to his attack that apparently hit around 1500 people this past Thursday and hastily replied in the only socially acceptable way a spammer can communicate with humans; with more spam. Only he labelled it “Not Spam” so that I would know that even though his pings and posts warrant my Akismet’s activation, they are indeed not spam and are some other form of world wide web witchery.

Alas, I have not received a reply from my comment and I am unable to find the post he created with my writing. However, his site is still running and claiming to have posted other people’s stuff on Dec. 31st of 1969.


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My Spam Que

Today when I was reviewing my spam que, I noticed a strange thing. My writing had been incorrectly cited by another blog. Not only did they fail to correctly identify my site as a source, but they stated that what was quoted was posted several decades ago. I’ve come to find as a newbie in the blogosphere that this is a frequent occurence that fools me into thinking someone is appreciating what I have to say.

I looked into the “Powered By” section at the bottom of the site that will be referred to as nameless. WordPress MU was the name and is a service that people seem to be using to create vast webs of spam. It would be nice if WordPress had a button at the bottom of a persons page where you could flag spam. But I digress. I’ll go on to share with you nameless’ post complete with impossibly dated citation and my comment.

Newsupdate wrote an interesting post today on
Here’s a quick excerpt; “He, as well as millions of other people, are not casting their vote the way of the Clintons (yes, Clintons plural) because of her voting record. Mr. Moore held fast in the face of a question from a viewer who asked if he still insists …


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My Comment:

The name of my website is not Newsupdate, it is permacarn. Please cite appropriately. And how is it possible for you to have posted the entry at 6:00pm on New Years Eve of 1969? You’re too shady, I’m going to have to delete your comment from my spam que. But if you’re listening I respectfully hope you got a laugh out of this and will continue to appreciate my writing and esteemed sense of humor. Check out my sight, you just might like it. I have all kinds of lists of interesting things that include my fun ramblings. I make fun of politicians, I write about scandalous shennanigans and there is very little advertising which makes it an easy read. I’ve only submitted about 10 posts and I’ve already had over 100 people look at my blog. I should know that there are people out there trying to make a buck to pay their bills by using their slick interweb computer skills that will skew my statistical results, so it’s harder to tell just how many people truly visit my site. I too hope to one day pay some bills with online tricks of the legitimate persuasion. If that’s what you’re up to, rock on.



The writer of permacarn






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