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With so many blogs out there with so many niches, there really is something for everyone. What I want to do is create a permanent carnival blog. You know what a carnival blog is right? It’s where people who have blogs create contests to post other people’s blogs. So lets say Joe Schmoe has a blog about music. Joe would make a contest for people to submit articles about their favorite picks. A bunch of people would write different articles about the picks they use and the ones that work best. Joe would then sort through the submissions and pick the one he liked best or is most relevant and helpful to his readers, then post it to his blog. This has a positive impact on both the winner of the carnival contest and Joe. Joe gets content for his blog, and the winner gets his blog exposed to people reading Joe’s blog. Pretty cool! 

What I want to do is make a blog that is a permanent carnival. I’ll either request permission to publish a blog I find interesting, or review submissions that people send me. There’s no real specific subject I want to cover. Just a bunch of stuff I find (including but not limited to) intriguing, funny, beneficial, controversial, or substantive. I’ll include stuff on my own, too. But as far as I’m concerned, the opportunities are endless!


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