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I enjoy the fact that I can surf around the community of weblogs on wordpress and engage in discussion and debate with people who share my views as well as those who completely disagree. I’ll even go so far as to put links to their blogs on my page when they reply to my comments, even if they don’t agree with me.

This evening I was reviewing some of the many posts and came across a site that, in my opinion and the opinion of actual sourced documents, had some of their facts wrong. So I went about the process of reading several of their most recent posts and made my comments in the same demeanor that they were speaking in. I responded to their accusations, reminded them of the indiscretion of their own candidates within the Republican party, corrected some of their atrocious grammar, and I even conceded a few points to them. Then the replies came. I though I might be able to evoke a debate that would evolve into something more than outrageous accusations, but the tone they maintain throughout their site remained. They even marked one person as spam just because they didn’t agree with what they had to say. No sooner did I discover this pathetic tactic did I realize that the comments I made on their site disappeared alltogether. I then looked over their site and found that their were actually quite few comments. Which could mean a few things; 1) they are a Nazi or communist and refuse to post comments that go against their political ideology or are weak enough to rebut, 2) they don’t have many people visiting their site (which would give me solace), or 3) people get to the site and because of their horrible grammar and writing ability their visitors are unable read or are given a headache upon doing so. I’m not exactly sure where they are from or what demographic they represent. Their use of the English language is weaker than some of the illegals that I worked with in the kitchens of the campus restaurant as a college student. Anyway, if you feel like getting censored by an ignoramous or reading titles that ALL end in exclamation points go to

Ok, so I’m editing this post to include word for word this loons response to me calling him out.

Permacarn said 30 minutes ago:

Deleting comments and marking the comments of others as spam who do not share your point of view is pathetic. I wrote about why you suck at

goodtimepolitics said 10 minutes ago:

permacarn your answer and your last answer as you will not be making comments on my blog again!
Good that you did write about your sucking blog! Because I’m not going to sit here and argue with some far left nut that makes a three word comment of nonsense!
You have a good blogging time! )

Judging from this weird and gramatically confused response I can only assume that the person writing this blog is the dog in the picture or an eight year old with an abusive Republican dad who hits him with closed fists and only says the crazy things he does so that he can compete with Rush Limbaugh for attention. “Daddy, I wrote a blog about how Obama is Muslim today!” “Shut up! (slap) Fox News is on!” I am no longer mad at the author of I now feel very sorry for him.

Disclaimer- I don’t think all Republicans are this stupid. Frankly, I’ve never come across one more stupid. I am also cognizant of young boys with abusive Democratic fathers who hit them with closed fists and only say the crazy things they do so that they can compete with CNN for his attention. “Daddy, I wrote how McCain had an illegitimate child with a black woman today!” “Shut up! (slap) The Situation Room is on!”


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