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In my spam que today there was a comment that said “Not Spam” posted in my “Letter to Ahmadinejad” blog.

I like to think that this was an anonymous secret message sent to me due to a comment I left on a spammers website and a post I created afterwards entitled “My Spam Que.” Perhaps some basement dwelling geek with a slick as grease scheme to use WP as a means to test his deviant blog-content-stealing machine noticed my singular reply to his attack that apparently hit around 1500 people this past Thursday and hastily replied in the only socially acceptable way a spammer can communicate with humans; with more spam. Only he labelled it “Not Spam” so that I would know that even though his pings and posts warrant my Akismet’s activation, they are indeed not spam and are some other form of world wide web witchery.

Alas, I have not received a reply from my comment and I am unable to find the post he created with my writing. However, his site is still running and claiming to have posted other people’s stuff on Dec. 31st of 1969.


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