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McCain and Clinton’s Summer Gas Tax Holiday

creepyAfter news was released that the proposed summer gas tax holiday would save consumers $28  in three months, McCain told a town-hall audience in Denver: “I want to give the American consumer a little bit of relief just for the summer. Maybe they’ll be able to buy an additional textbook for their children when they go back to school this fall.” That’s it? A Textbook? You’re putting up a fuss for something that’s going to allow me to buy a $28 textbook? That’s not even a tank of gas.

He also says that with the approval of a gas tax holiday that would likely remove $10 billion from roadway maintenance and upgrades “Americans will have a little extra something to put in their pocketbooks.” Who uses pocketbooks anymore? I don’t even know what a pocketbook is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. I know when I think of pocketbooks I think of my grandmothers change purse that she used to give me antique nickels out of. I don’t want nickels.

He also says that we should stop putting oil into the strategic petroleum reserves in order to alleviate prices. Good idea. Reduce the amount of oil we have in our “strategic” reserves. A “strategic” reserve that’s put in place to alleviate the devastation in the event of a national emergency should not be tapped to save people less than what their cell phone bill is each month especially under the current circumstances of high demand and low production. Cheaper gas, if it actually got cheaper, would increase demand for gas allowing drivers to consume it at a faster rate while production would remain the same (low) and as a result would raise prices shortly after the Holiday was over.  

Of the three candidates John McCain is the most out of touch. These statements as well as his other gaffes on Al-Qaeda in Iraq and his Freudian slip on how the war in Iraq was about oil, are telling of McCain’s sense of current events.  McCain said at a recently rally, where he announced his newest market based health insurance program, that millions of dollars can be saved with prevention. “Take a little time to eat better, make sure you walk for about 30 or so minutes a day and you won’t have to worry about these afflictions.” Seriously? If I eat better and walk for 30 minutes a day I don’t have to worry about cancer or diabetes or any other life threatening disease that would no doubt bankrupt me were I to require hospitalization?

At least Hillary Clinton is smart enough to never say anything that would even slightly reveal how little money the gas tax holiday would save people. She’s instead threatening oil companies with a “windfalls profit” tax, an expense that the slick oil companies are sure to incorporate into the cost of a gallon. But it looks good to the uneducated white folks for Hillary Clinton to be rattling the cages of oil companies. They’ve been eating up her antics as of late.

Obama’s already been through this. He ended up costing the state of Illinois several million dollars with his gas tax relief plan a few years ago and evidence shows it would be costly financially, strategically, and occupationally. For once, Clinton and McCain would have to cede to Obama’s experience on an issue. But don’t hold your breath waiting for them to let up.   



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