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Wooden Computers

There are all kinds of ways to go green these days and with the advent of energy efficient monitors, power supplies, and energy star rated PC’s, computer lovers are able to heed Al Gore’s warnings of global
warming and the ruthless bloodlust of the Manbearpig. OK, you won’t be able to thwart a Manbearpig attack, but the options that are now available in the fast paced world of computers provide innovative ways
to create a smaller carbon footprint.


One way to reduce environmental impact would be to build a computer with sustainable resources.



Eureka! There are all kind of modders out there filling this niche and seamlessly integrating technology with nature to mesh in ways reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. While there is a slight risk of fire due to the fact that its made of wood that is known to show poor fire resistant properties, they’re up to code. Making sure you’ve got the proper ventilation and power supply will significantly reduce the chances of your PC emitting the scent of hickory smoke (mmmm, bacon).

antique pcThe perfect high tech gift for grandmothers everywhere would look just like the old antique furniture she’s got collecting dust all over the place (she’d have that PC smellin’ like moth balls in no time). And thats exactly what some people have done to their computers. Its ironic that while the hardware and software industries are making huge leaps forward, the cases some people are putting their components in are taking a giant technological leap backwards. But all the better.

You can also get wooden mice, keyboards, and a even wooden laptop with components made of wood and sustainable corn based bioplastics. Accessorize with a battery charging solar laptop bag and you’ll be one hardcore green mofo.

wood laptop

solar bag



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