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Hurricane-600The Hurricane 600 uses cyclonic separation, has a fuel tank with a capacity of 100 gallons, has an 11.5” clutch, and utilizes a 6 cylinder 170 horsepower John Deere turbo-charged diesel engine to achieve maximum suckage. It’s skid mounted for ease of travel, has a 16” manhole on the baghouse for ease of entry (should you need it) and the crane can lift to 11’ for discharging its contents. The hose sucks at an astonishing 120 PSI for all those hard to suck items.




Durovac Central Vacuum

With fewer specs provided by Durovac’s website it’s harder to get an idea of what this machine is capable of. But with the information only a phone call away and knowing that they can provide systems designed up to 500 horsepower, you can be sure that if you need something sucked in your facility they’ll be able to design the system right for you. If at 50 HP their vacuums are able to convey 6 tons per hour, with 500 HP you’ll probably be able to suck in the neighborhood of 60 tons per hour (what the hell are you sucking?).


ECV 5015

The UltraVac ECV 5015 Industrial Vacuum Loader (not pictured, but looks a splittin’ image) is a sweet mobile unit that travels courtesy of a three axel truck chassis. With a transfer case rated to 550 HP and a host of other features like 19.5 cubic yards of capacity, an air cannon capable of delivering continuous filter cleaning, a top inlet with a 270 degree boom (I want a boom!), and two high efficiency cyclone separators mounted in parallel, you’ll be able to take your high power, high-efficiency suck on the road.




Combo Series

Vac Con endorses their Combination Machine Series as packing a punch in their delivery of some sucking machines. Their systems come with an Inspector Cam video system so you can watch what how you suck, but they also feature Hi-Dump capability. A friend once said “Any man can piss on the floor. Be a hero and shit on the ceiling.” This Hi-Dump capability may be what you need to become that hero.



The Super Vac SVU-50 uses positive pressure ventilation (PPV) to achieve a vacuum in large buildings with massive amounts of air volume. Firefighters across the country use PPV in their truly heroic efforts to save lives and minimize property damage by waging war against fire with weapons such as the SVU-50. It lifts hydraulically and is operated with a hand held remote that controls throttle, elevation, tilt, and rotation. This baby’s powered by a minimum 160 HP multi-port fuel injected engine, has a two hour run time, and a 48 inch diameter six blade carbon fiber propeller. It doesn’t suck… it blows! Hard!



From the people who brought you the SVU-50, here comes the BFF-502. Super Vac has combined the beauty and romance of car engines with the elegance of fans to make mobile high volume air displacement via positive pressure ventilation a work of art that blows. The SVU’s BFF has a gigantic 8 blade carbon fiber prop powered by a Chevy 502 engine that produces over 750,000 cubic feet per minute of fresh air.





Vacuum bomb

The Russians say they’ve created the “Father Of All Bombs” by making one supposedly four times stronger than the US built Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb otherwise known as the Mother Of All Bombs. The US Department of Defense released a statement saying that not only were they suspicious of Russia’s claim of such a weapon, but that they were working on a knew higher power bomb referred to in Pentagon documents as the Mother Fucker Of All Bombs. The two stage bomb delivered by a Russian Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber first covers a swath of area with a cloud of explosive material and is ignited by a second charge thus creating an ultrasonic shock wave, incredibly high temperatures, and a partial vacuum that compounds damage and is allegedly the equivalent to a 44 ton TNT blast.        













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