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Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary by double digits. This confused second graders everywhere as the margin was 9.4% and when rounding to the nearest whole number you get 9%. I took the liberty of emailing the campaign a tutorial on how to round numbers and I hope they realize their mistake. Unless of course they purposely manipulate the information they disseminate without regard to standards and regulations. Like how Hillary says she has won more votes even though the votes from MI and FL she’s counting are votes she agreed not to count when the two states broke the rules and had their primary’s early and she refuses to acknowledge that her opponent wasn’t even on the ballot in MI. Or how she came under sniper fire in Bosnia.

Obama Vs. Hillary

She’s also making a big fuss about how Obama won’t debate her in NC. Seriously, if she were winning this thing she’d refuse too. People are tired of debates and frankly would like this thing to be over with. The people who are so adamant about her going on either have something to gain by her being the next Democratic nominee/president like a cabinet seat or an election (in the case of Republicans). If you think the dirt that the right is bringing up on Obama is bad, you should see what they’d be able to bring up on the Clintons. Take a peak here.



Bill was up to his same old shennanigans.










  Obama wasn’t bothered too much as he’s setting up a joint fund raising committee with the Democratic National Committee. Do we know something Hillary doesn’t? Like how it’s impossible for her to get the nomination unless Obama says something like he hates white people or the DNC decides to use Clinton logic to determine who the next Democratic candidate for president is?


 It remains to be seen whether Hillary Clinton thanks Rush Limbaugh for his part in keeping her presidential dreams alive, as nearly 15% of people voting in PA said they wouldn’t vote for her in November, a result of his “operation chaos” in which Republicans vote for her in the primary’s because they know, as well as any other person with half a brain knows,  that Obama has the best chance of winning.


Because if we get Hillary in the Whitehouse, this is what we’d get. The man behind the woman behind the man.












Meanwhile, John McCain visited the “forgotten places,” which in Republican speak means anywhere African-Americans live. He voiced his displeasure with how Katrina was handled by Bush and said “never again” about 80 times even though his voting record on efforts to aid those affected by Katrina show he had no interest in it whatsoever and that he actively sought and accepted Bush’s endorsement.


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